Water well drilling rigs in Asia

Water well drilling rigs in Asia

Looking for reliable and high-performing manufacturers of water well drilling rigs in Asia? Head to KGR Rigs today!

Many Asian countries are developing at a faster pace compared to the global average. Quite naturally, the demand for durable and reliable water well drilling equipment is also on the rise proportionately. Founded by a team of technocrats and visionaries back in 1992, we have been at the forefront of the industry helping our partners overcome various challenges when it comes to drilling operations for a variety of applications. Some of the products in our portfolio include tractor-mounted rigs, blast hole drilling rigs, core drilling rigs,Mining rigs, etc.

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To meet the varied challenges of the Asian landscape, we rely both on local expertise and global standards of quality and performance in all our endeavors. Our in-house manufacturing facility comes with its forging hammer, friction welding machine, CNC-equipped workshop, and other cutting-edge technologies that make our work more efficient and quality-driven. Strict adherence to quality regulations also characterizes our production methods – we are an ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 9001:2015 compliant company. These traits leverage our position as one of the top manufacturers of water well drilling rigs in Asia.

Here at KGR Rigs, we strongly emphasise building local partnerships and capacity building. We invest in building local assets and partnering with our clients to ensure a detailed understanding of their needs and building our capabilities accordingly. This helps us not only in expanding our know-how but also gaining the trust of our partners whichever country or region of Asia we are in.

As a leading provider of water well drilling rigs in Asia, we are proud to be a part of Asia’s story and invite you to join the journey towards progress and sustainability.

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