Drilling rigs for sale in Africa

Drilling rigs for sale in Africa

Browsing for the drilling rigs for sale in Africa? Then, we urge you to choose KGR Rigs.

We have years of expertise in manufacturing numerous drilling rigs for various industries. Our products are extensively sourced from various sectors located in countries such as Iran, Zimbabwe, Iraq, Nigeria, and many more. We have talented engineers who ensure that our products comply with international quality standards. Our top-notch drilling rigs include Tractor-Mounted Rigs, Core Drilling Rigs, Customized Rigs, KGR EM-40 Mining Rigs, and many more. Our drilling rigs are designed with the utmost accuracy and precision; they are easy to maintain, consume low energy, and provide the highest level of performance.

KGR Rigs have taken over 200 projects with its top-tier drilling rigs. Our client satisfaction, blended with our commitment, has enabled us to deliver the best-in-class products for over 30 years. Our products are used in varied sectors, namely construction and mining activities, and offer a high level of robustness. They are easy to maintain and consume minimal power while operating in drastic environmental conditions. Moreover, if you are seeking top-tier drilling rigs for sale in Africa, then needless to mention that we are committed to delivering high-quality drilling rigs as per customer's requirements.

Get in touch with us, if you are searching for drilling rigs for sale in Africa. As a leading drilling rig manufacturer, we make sure to offer you the best-in-class services.

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