Borehole Drilling Rigs In Africa

Borehole Drilling Rigs In Africa

Are you searching for the best borehole drilling rigs in Africa? We suggest you go with KGR Rigs.

We established our company in 1992 and have completed more than 200 projects. We have more than 200 employees and are known for manufacturing varied types of drilling rigs for the local as well as global markets. Our products are extensively supplied to top-rated companies located in New Zealand, Ghana, Uganda, Turkey, Malaysia, Panama, South Africa, and much more. We are well renowned for manufacturing and delivering high-quality, reliable, durable products for mining, water wells, and construction activities. We provide top-notch solutions for rock drilling tool technology and have an in-house manufacturing facility, Friction Welding Machine, CNC-equipped workshop, and Sealed Quench Heat Treatment Plant. Our company is also certified by the ISO, and our team of highly qualified technicians performs rigorous quality checks at each stage of our manufacturing process.

The search for borehole drilling rigs in Africa is a tedious task, but at KGR Rigs, we ensure that our customers receive the best services from us. We are very adamant when it comes to providing quality products as per our customer requirements. As a result, we tirelessly work to improve our services by doing thorough research and analysis.

Borehole drilling rigs have numerous benefits and are used to create a hole in the earth's surface effortlessly. The borehole drilling rigs are often used to extract essential resources from beneath the earth's surface or to examine the composition and structure of the soil. Additionally, we conform to international standards and ensure that our borehole drilling rigs offer a high level of efficiency and perform exceptionally well in varied types of environments.

To avail best services from the high-grade manufacturers of borehole drilling rigs in Africa, kindly contact us.

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