Get the most reliable, robust, and versatile truck-mounted drilling rigs from KGR Rigs!

Founded on the principles of hard work, perseverance, and innovation, we have become an internationally recognised brand when it comes to drilling rigs for a wide assortment of requirements spanning across industries. Some of our top-performing drilling rigs include core drilling rigs, piling rigs, pole hole drilling rigs, tritone rock roller bits, DTH hammers, rotary warterwell drilling rigs, and many more. Our products find application in numerous sectors such as mining, gas exploration, construction, and other drilling-focused applications.

What sets us apart is our tireless pursuit of quality and performance while keeping cognizance of our client's needs and requirements. We have completed over 200 projects and have built an impressive clientele list of over 150 companies. This alone puts us ahead of the competition as a top-tier truck-mounted drilling rig manufacturer in the market.

Strict adherence to quality regulations is not just a process but integral to everything we do. Our team of engineers, technicians and other industry professionals make it a point to ensure we stick to the highest levels of standards in terms of products and also our service. That’s not all, we abide by ISO 9001:2008 quality regulations which serves as a major confidence boost for our clients.

Secure the most reliable and performance-driven truck-mounted drilling rig from KGR Rigs today!

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