Excavator Mounted Rig Manufacturers In India

Excavator Mounted Rig Manufacturers In India

Seeking the best services from trustworthy excavator mounted rig manufacturers in India? Visit KGR Rigs.

We have an extensive range of drilling rigs that are widely exported to varied global and local markets. We have supplied our products to more than 100 organizations located across 25 countries. Our team of highly experienced technicians are well-equipped with the requirements of our clients and ensure to follow stringent quality standards. We are also certified by the ISO for creating a benchmark in manufacturing the highest quality rigs. Our product range consists of 9 items, and we persistently strive to expand our product quantity by doing thorough research and development. We focus on being well-equipped with knowledge for manufacturing innovative and customer-centric products.

KGR Rigs is a renowned excavator mounted rig manufacturer in India, growing leaps and bounds every year with its exceptional customer service. We are aware of the high rate of demand for excavator mounted rigs in the varied sectors, namely in the construction and mining sectors. These excavator-mounted rigs are mainly used to bore holes into the earth's surface for performing various drilling operations. Moreover, we are aware of technological advancements; therefore, we focus on manufacturing products that would make drilling operations easier without causing any hassle.

Get in touch with us to experience world-class services. As one of the prominent excavator-mounted rig manufacturers in India, we ensure to fulfill our customer's needs and address their concerns swiftly.

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