Core Drilling Rig Manufacturers In India

Core Drilling Rig Manufacturers In India

Looking for core drilling rig manufacturers in India? We recommend choosing KGR Rigs.

We are well renowned for manufacturing diverse types of rigs suitable for varied applications such as mining, construction, and many more. A few of our top-tier products that have been exclusively utilized by the customers are Friction Welded Drill Pipes, Customized Rigs, KGR DTH (1000,1500,2000), KGR CD -35(LM 100), Tractor Mounted Rigs, DTH Hammers and Button Bits. We have over 200 highly experienced engineers who ensure that our products comply with stringent quality standards. Our client satisfaction serves as a testament to our ability to manufacture the highest quality, reliable, and durable products. We have an in-house manufacturing facility, system controlled sealed quenching heat-treatment plant, and a CNC Machine shop to ensure that our products are meticulously manufactured, adequately maintained, and safely delivered to our customers. We have completed more than 200 projects and are actively involved in doing thorough research to expand our product range.

Core drilling rigs have been used to extract the cylindrical samples or core from the rock, soil, and other substances to examine its various properties. These are used in several applications mainly in mining and concrete works. As one of the top-notch core drilling rig manufacturers in India, we are aware of the numerous uses of drilling rigs, and their significance thereby we are committed to manufacturing a diverse range of innovative rigs for our products.

Our products are supplied to the various local and international markets. To name a few, we have been actively exporting our products to various states in India, such as Bihar, Karnataka, West Bengal, Tamilnadu, Rajasthan, and Orissa. A few of the countries our products are delivered to are Turkey, Iran, Dubai, Zimbabwe, Afghanistan, and Korea. As one of the leading core drilling rig manufacturers in India, we primarily focus on adhering to quality standards and producing top-notch, customer-centric products for our customers.

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