Blast hole drill rig manufacturers, KGR has achieved a hall of fame by providing its services to most of the industries. As a drill rig and pipe manufacturer, we have hit the mark globally. Serving more than 25 countries, the optimizations and innovation-driven culture are the right angles turn for us in meeting the world standards and staying at the top.

Blast hole drilling is specially used for mining purposes. The crucial aspect to consider for a blast hole drilling is the diameter.


  • Widely used in mineral exploration
  • Size and shape of the rig matters
  • Removal of the amount of product from the hole must be calculated
  • Surrounding terrain
  • Mining material characteristics
  • Excavating equipment type used
  • Distance to the vibration of explosives
  • Bench height
  • Type and size of explosives

For any project, the drilling rigs from KGR make the procedure to go smoothly and accurately. As the top-notch blast hole drilling rig manufacturers, KGR is on its pace in leading the industry globally.