Addressing the mining sector by introducing a number of products driven by value-based rigs delivery, KGR Rigs manufactures a perfect rig suitable for the respective project. Today, as there is a rise in demand for construction as well as water well, KGR Rigs delivers standard equipment suiting the project. We stand as the best tractor mounted drilling rigs manufacturers and it’s from the heart of the clients that we have received value. Driven by innovation and creativity, we continue to lead the industry by establishing in 25 countries.

Technical Specifications

  • The diameter of driller ranges from 4.5” to 8”.
  • Drilling depth is from 557 ft. to 150 ft.
  • The maximum operating pressure is 180 Kg/Sq.Cm.
  • Pull-up speed: 16mtr/minute
  • Pull-down speed: 35mtr/minute
  • Rotation speed 0-100 (TBW 40) & 0-60 (TBH 40)
  • Rotary head torque - 235 Kgm and 120 Kgm
  • Hydraulic Jacks - 100 x 63 x 610 stroke

Established in the year 1992, our services provided great satisfaction to our clients, and with over 100 institutions, our journey continues as trusted tractor mounted drilling rigs manufacturers.

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