The home where every drilling rig is designed and manufactured with an aim to reach into the core of excellence, with a vision of becoming world-class producers, and with the focus and commitment. Our successful journey continues as pole hole drilling rigs manufacturers, and we aim to expand our services to a number of countries. Our standard products and services are serving over 25 countries. KGR Group has in-house experts who maintain the international standards while designing a rig. By using alloy steel of standard quality, our products are well accepted by most of the industries for drilling purposes.

Classification of Drilling Rigs

  • Power: Mechanical, Electric, Hydraulic, Pneumatic, and Steam
  • Pipe: Cable, Conventional, and Coil Tubing
  • Height: Single, Double, Triple, and Quadri
  • Method of Rotation: Direct push rigs, Rotary Table, Top Drive, Sonic, and Hammer
  • Derrick Position: Slant and Conventional

The type of drilling machine is decided based on the area of drilling and application. With advanced features in upcoming machines and optimizations in the existing, KGR Rigs is renowned pole hole drilling rigs manufacturers.

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