Piling Rigs are used for a foundation at construction sites. It is mainly used in drill in sandy soil, silty clay, etc. and widely used in diaphragm walls, foundation reinforcement, and other foundation projects.

Technical Details:

  • The drilling diameter is from 4” to 8”
  • Drilling Depth is 120 ft.
  • Preferred drilling size of the rod is 115 mm x 6 mts and 115 mm x 8 mts.
  • With a fabricated steel body, the rotary is assembled that has a torque of 215kg-m and rotation speed of 0-100 rpm.
  • The maximum flow of water injection pump is 56 lts/min
  • The dust collector is optional

Piling rigs, generally applies hydraulic crawler chassis, automatic lift box-type mast, telescopic drill pipe, depth indicator, etc. The rig can be used on pilling construction in dry, wet soil and rock by equipping with a drilling tool, and can be equipped with long screw drill, vibratory hammer, etc.,

The type of drilling rigs is decided based on the area of drilling and application. With advanced features in upcoming rigs and optimizations in the existing, KGR Rigs is renowned Piling Rigs.

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