Drilling rigs are the machine that used to create holes in earth subsurface. Drilling rigs significantly used in mining purpose and other massive drilling purposes. KGR Group of industries provides drilling rigs for water hole and Blast Hole, Core, Geotechnical, Pilling and other Customized Drilling.

Classification of Drilling Rigs

  • Unmatched quality
  • Less maintenance
  • Precision design

KGR Group of industries is eminent and leading manufacturers of INDUCTION HARDENED DRILL PIPES. Customer satisfactions are our biggest motto and hence always try and improve our products based on the valuable suggestions of our customers.

Our Products are manufactured under the supervision of Technology Qualified Engineers. All Our Products are manufactured according to INTERNATIONAL STANDARDS from the best quality ALLOY STEEL.

Our products INDUCTION HARDENED DRILL PIPES – We were introduced in 100 institutions across 25 countries, promised and delivered with good quality products. We have an IN-HOUSE manufacturing facility with CNC MACHINE SHOP AND SYSTEM CONTROLLED SEALED QUENCHING HEAT - TREATMENT PLANT, Located in Hyderabad.

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