Your search for quality-driven excavated mounted drill rigs manufacturers ends at KGR Rigs. Being the top-notch excavated mounted drill rigs manufacturers, the standards defined before manufacturing the machine will be no less to world-class. Mostly used at rocky places, excavated mounted drill rigs are applicable at coal mine discovery, cement mines, extracting ores, solar projects, canal works, etc. Every construction needs a rig, and KGR is here knocking the best at every time.

Technical Details:

  • The drilling diameter is from 4” to 8”
  • Drilling Depth is 120 ft.
  • Preferred drilling size of the rod is 115 mm x 6 mts and 115 mm x 8 mts.
  • With a fabricated steel body, the rotary is assembled that has a torque of 215kg-m and rotation speed of 0-100 rpm.
  • The maximum flow of water injection pump is 56 lts/min
  • The dust collector is optional

Of the refined excavated mounted drill rigs manufacturers, KGR is on the top-list. Our enthusiasm to remain as the best is an aspect that kept us at the top of the industry.

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