KGR Rigs on the way to excel through its supply chain of various drillers of different types. By checking the hardness of the ground, the drills are deployed at the particular place so that drilling happens smoothly. At rocky places, crawler mounted drillers are preferred as they have a perfect balance even though the ground level is not in level. The renowned and established crawler mounted drill rig manufacturers are KGR Rigs that are extending its services across the globe.

KGR offers a wide range of services which include

  • Cluster Hammers
  • Pole hole drilling rigs
  • Water well drilling with rotary rigs
  • Core drilling rigs
  • Blast hole drilling rigs
  • Water well drilling rigs
  • Udex bits
  • Friction Welded and Induction hardened Drill types
  • DTH hammers, T.C. Button Bits
  • Piling Rigs
  • Top Hammer Bits
  • Tricone rock roller bits

Our extraordinary work in the core of inventing and optimizing drilling machines has made us extraordinary crawler mounted drill rig manufacturers. It’s consistent practice at KGR when it comes to maintaining and defining standards.

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