Borehole Drilling Rigs For Sale

Borehole Drilling Rigs For Sale

A drilling rig is a machine that drills boreholes/wells for oil or water in the ground. Being in the ground engineering industry for more than 2 decades, we have established ourselves as the leading manufacturers of borehole drilling rigs in the industry. Our rigs are known for their robust performance and absolutely low maintenance.

Get a total solution for your borehole drilling needs. KGR’s drilling rigs are designed for safety, reliability, and high productivity. KGR has a rich history in the borehole drilling rig market. As water is our most precious resource and the global demand for water is increasing day by day, KGR takes pride in offering groundbreaking solutions to meet this ever growing demand.

Our drills are equipped with heavy power and versatility to reach target drilling depths in all types of soil conditions and rock formations. Our rigs are highly mobile and are capable of reaching even the most remote locations.

Innovation is one of our core values and we are adept at delivering innovative solutions to our varied customer base. With reduced downtime, fuel efficiency, and by providing a safer work environment, KGR’s borehole drilling rigs help customers grow and maintain their businesses.

Manufactured according to the international standards, our borehole drilling rigs are for sale. For more info regarding the product, contact us on the helpline desk.

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